3 Things To Make Your Google My Business Listing Ready For Local Search

3 Things To Make Your Google My Business Listing Ready For Local Search

Hello everyone,
If you are a local business and have not positioned yourself on Google My Business yet, these 3 things are most important to address when you get your business out there on Google.

1) Get Your Business Correctly Verified:
Google has introduced a system of verifying your business address and phone no. as a part of a cleanup mission that they have started because in the past lot of cases were bogus or false business had been set up on phone numbers e-mail addresses.
And it’s really kind of given such a bad name because of wrong businesses being shown up and then customers are complaining that they are not able to reach the right place.

Therefore, this verification of an address and phone number is extremely crucial and make sure you have your address and phone number very correctly put up and then using the verification process get your business verified immediately.
In fact we have a video created specifically for this, so do check the video link and get your business verified right away.

Have multiple locations? No worries, you can add up to 18 locations in one Google My Business Account. So, go ahead and add all those addresses. Make sure you verify and they are absolutely correct. Why? Because once they’re verified it is going to be attached to your business and most importantly once they’re published on Google, customers are going to use them to reach our place. To ensure they’re as accurate and as direct as possible. So that customers can reach your place.

2) Complete Your Business Profile:
Google has created enough sections for you to fill up as much information about their business as possible. Not just to assist the customer but also help their backend to really map your business to people in the search so that the relevancy is very high.

For example, there filters like Women only business or assistance for disabled people.
Isn’t that fantastic? It’s a real indicator for the customer they know what to expect when they walk into your store. So make sure. You have all those more details filled up don’t leave anything blank, put in your working hours, services & make sure you have some keywords in place when you’re putting the description. Very powerful, fill up everything

3) Connect Visually:
Google My Business has a section where you can add photos of products and services. Make sure you really upload photographs of your store to give the users connect and they know what to expect when they reach your store. Give them an idea of their products and services. Most importantly fill in as much information can as much as possible.

Because you want to map it with search as well because you want Google to really map your services that people are searching for you or searching for products or services.

Another important aspect is when customers come in to make sure they give you a review. Google is geo-targeting reviews. This is another of their filters to ensure correct reviews are given and not bogus ones. This means that when you give a review via a mobile, using their GPS they can really map whether you are actually at the store and not at other place or you are paid to get a review.
So using this geo-mapping they can really establish which reviews are genuine and which are no. Isn’t that fantastic? So make sure you encourage all your visitors/customers to give you feedback when they’re visiting your store.

So these are my 3 suggestions to get you to Google my business page really active and ready for search when customers are looking for your services.

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3Cs To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Effective And Powerful For Your Business

3Cs To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Effective And Powerful For Your Business

Hello everyone.
Are you a business marketer and use e-mails extensively for marketing then I’m going to show you 3 Cs that will make your campaigns very effective and powerful for your business. Let’s take a look.

Contact Is King. Customers are not looking for what you are doing. Customers are looking for what their problems are and whether you can help them. Therefore you must be able to position your content addressing customer problems, their pain points or their requirements.

Don’t talk around we have with this, we have that for your, avoid. These sections will come at the bottom. Start very topically addressing a specific area that you can have with the customer’s problem or requirements. Once you do that, the connect will happen.

Make sure headlines are very powerful again addressing their problem. Addressing issues not that this is the x y z offering that you are giving no.
Do you have this problem? Does your business suffer from x y z issue? This is the one that’s going to get you the through.
So make sure your content is very customer centric, customer focused. And then you get the click throughs and opens for everything else.

There are two advantages of being consistent:
1.With your emails hitting that email box frequently, chances of customers clicking through to check out what’s there increase and because of that, your e-mails from then on can actually skip the spam filters and get directly in the inbox. Isn’t that powerful, it’s that next step to reach out to the customer isn’t it.

2. If the customer is seeing the emails again & again consistently. He knows you mean business.
He feels you are a serious business. This is the first impression that you are creating without even talking to him. Therefore being consistent will be able to reach and hit out to the prospective customer becomes so important.

Now this C is the final nail in the coffin as I say. Once you start doing the analytics of who is viewing who is opening your e-mails. You must be able to create control groups. You must be able to categorize you or viewers you will be able to create separate lists and hit them.
with specific content. This is very important. Don’t generalize. Don’t send the same Emailers to all your audience. Once you established patterns once you establish how viewers looking at your e-mails create a specific content for them. This will increase their viewable and chances of connecting with you.

So you are really trying to analyze what kind of contact they are seeing and being able to throw our content which they would like to see. And once the see content would like to see they would like to talk to you. And that’s how you create an opportunity to meet with them and explore opportunities Isn’t that powerful?

So those were my 3Cs: Content, Consistency and Connect to make your e-mail campaigns powerful and not just powerful. They mean business, for your business.

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