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Digital Transformation Or Disruption?

The past decade has been a decade of dynamic disruption where a number of technologies came forward and took the center stage. Several organizations also adopted new age mechanisms to kick start their transformative journey. In the last few years, digital transformation has become the core for almost all tech-based and some not too tech-savvy […]

2020 Year Of O2O- B2B2C eCommerce Industry Case Study On How To Build Sales?

This business is auto spares e-commerce business catering B2C & B2B customer segment.
So first, let’s start with the B2C audience.
# Young Age 20-year-old vehicle owners of this group, are very tech-savvy, Google-friendly, search savvy. So when their vehicle needs a replacement of spares, they are going to search for spare parts online. Trying to find the best deals and then watch YouTube tutorials & try to fix them. That’s correct. Or they going to search for a nearby garage and get it fixed?

2020 Year Of O2O- B2C Industry Case Study How To Build Customer Relationships?

This case study is of adventure trekking company. So they are in this business for last 30 years. Our analytics team has found, out that 30 to 40 percent of the website visitors are all 50 and 60 age groups visiting our website, spending substantial time but not taking any action, neither booking any treks and this trend continued for few months.

Happy New Year 2020 – Future Of Customer Experience Is O2O

Happy New Year!2020 marks the beginning of the new decade- full of opportunities, advancements, and growth. However, the road has its challenges threats and disruptions too. The biggest opportunity and disruption for any business from now on will be “PCX” i.e. Personalised Customer Experience, given their preferences, lifestyle, technology and transactional behavior. Over a time […]

Auto Industry Disruption And Digital Marketing

There are structural changes and disruption that the auto industry is going through not only in India, but globally and eventually this will impact the turns marketing will take, and also enter some new lanes marketing has not ventured into earlier. There are three tectonic forces hitting the auto industry simultaneously, and even one of […]