2020 Year Of O2O- B2B2C eCommerce Industry Case Study On How To Build Sales?

2020 Year Of O2O- B2B2C eCommerce Industry Case Study On How To Build Sales?

This business is auto spares e-commerce business catering B2C & B2B customer segment.
So first, let’s start with the B2C audience.

Young Age 20-year-old vehicle owners of this group, are very tech-savvy, Google-friendly, search savvy. So when their vehicle needs a replacement of spares, they are going to search for spare parts online. Trying to find the best deals and then watch YouTube tutorials & try to fix them. That’s correct. Or they going to search for a nearby garage and get it fixed?
So to attract this audience group, a lot of offerings and deals were created on our website say, for example, for first-order you get a certain amount as a discount. Refer a friend & earn some points.

By an additional, an additional accessory or riding gear with your spare part & get free shipping. So these are things that attracted them. And we also create a lot of tutorials and bike maintenance content on our website that kept them engaged.

The middle-aged vehicle owners who were brand-friendly.
They would search for a spare part online, but they would also call and verify their product or service before they made the buying decision.

So for, this audience group a CRM was set up to build that trust to ascertain them, that their transaction, order, the purchase is safe and secured with us. Okay.

The Senior Age Group vehicle owners
So this audience was catered by a huge network of local garages because they were not that Google friendly or tech-savvy, but they were call-friendly, they have a requirement they would call reliable local garages and get the issue resolved.

So that’s why we associated with a lot of garages and who in turn build awareness about our e-commerce with their customers. So this was the B2C segment.

B2B Audience
B2B is typically a middle age group, garage owners, service center owners a business-minded age group who are in business from the last 10, 20, 30 years.

So to get them on board on our e-commerce portal we created a lot of offline campaigns to give them insights on how their customers are changing, how their customers are looking for a service online and offline, how they can adapt to this change to meet their customer requirements.

And then we started seeing a lot of registration happening. And then, of course, we had to create a lot of training and grooming sessions for them so they can easily use our portal.

A lot of grooming work was done on how they can link their offline inventory with the portal, how easily they can book and order spare parts and then how they can use our app to engage the audience, their customers who are coming to their garage or their service center.
So all these O2O pointers not only helped this business to retain all these age group audiences but also build consistent sales from each segment.
If you are a B2B2C business here are few tips for you to building sales using O2O.
For the Young Age group Audience:

  • Quick serving offerings
  • Trending fresh offers
    -Quick buy with fewer interactions
  • Demos & trials to get the feel.
    For Mid-age group Audience
  • Building Trust
  • Future Growth
  • Security.
    For Senior age group Audience
  • One point contact
  • Personalized Assisted Experience
  • Offer home delivery, pick-drop, contingency plans.
    Note: Please evaluate your audience with offline online pointers for each category to build personalized customer experience.

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