Talking To Game Changers - Ganesh Lawande, Founder & CEO - ProERP

Talking To Game Changers – Ganesh Lawande, Founder & CEO – ProERP

ProERP is India’s only Google Cloud Based ERP solution for small and medium sized enterprises. Does ERP ring a bell? – Lot of resources, heavy pricing, skilled people managing it? etc. Here comes ProERP to address all those issues in a “Pay As You Go” manner. Start small and scale as your business grows.

Ganesh and his team have developed this ERP system specifically using the robust Google Cloud platform to ensure a world class, secure and scalable infrastructure for its customers.

In this video, he explains to Amod on the industry’s key pain points in using ERP software, how to plan data management for businesses and most importantly how to overcome the need-cost mindset when investing into strategic data policies for your business.

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