B2B Festive Marketing Ideas to Engage, Connect With Customers to Your Business

The festival season in India has just begun and India is all about culture and emotions.

So how can you make use of these two aspects to really drive our branding, connect and engagement with customers as a B2B business in this festive season?

1) Branding:

Launch a new product or service with innovation in this season. Link it with the cultural aspects of the various festivals. These tend to get higher eyeballs I mean if you see these social acts many bigger brands launched during this time are very socially connected culturally connected. This really helps in creating more eyeballs in terms of the social appeal that a product can make with your customers and then the outlook for such kind of brands becomes even more powerful. Then you follow them up with your backup campaigns making them more technical and making them more solution oriented. So hit your customers hit to the audience with new launches or innovations of your business during this period to drive more eyeballs and hence build better branding.

2) Connect:

This entire season is not really for sales pitching or heavy promotion. Instead you can really look to connect with your customers to connect with an audience, create polls, generate reviews get customer feedback get their insights into how your products are. This kind of approach will make them connect with you more because you are not throwing offers because they could receive a ton of them from others. So you stand out by actually reversing that approach and reaching out to them to take feedbacks, take insights into your offerings and how better you can make them. This will make them feel more connected and really build that kind of an engagement and relationship with your business.

3) Have you studied the previous season’s data and seen the trends?

Well how about co-relating this and sharing with your audience sharing with their customers telling them what’s happened over the last 3-4 years and what’s projected for the next four or five years. Will that be interesting to your customers? And I bet it will. Therefore keeping in touch with the markets that you are trying to address and educating to audience, engaging your audience with industry, market data, and social data will always help to connect better with your audience and customers. This will drive more engagement and branding for your online business. So once you create this branding connect engagement with your customers. You can then follow up your communications to really drive meaningful discussions and project decisions with your customers in the coming months.

So use this festival season as a stepping stone to begin your communication, begin your brand building, and begin your engagement programs with your customers. And then gradually build them towards business decisions in the later months. This is how I would suggest B2B businesses to really promote their businesses starting this festival season in India.

I hope this blog was helpful to you.

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Already Have Agency Working On Website SEO But Not Getting Right Results?

This blog is written on the basis of LIVE talk session, in which prospect client asks some questions and the answers given by ZYT expert and the questions are:

Prospect Client Questions:

  1. Already an SEO agency is working on my website, how can ZYT services help me?
  2. What would be your role?”

ZYT Expert Answering:

Let me give you a quick brief about ZoomYourTraffic Webs Solutions. Our expertise is in online strategy & analytics more than SEO execution.

So if you already have a team who could execute all the suggested changes in the evaluation report would be best.

How we can help is we can create an online marketing plan & roadmap for the entire 12 months.

Also, help on what things to do, when to do & further in analytics. Whether whatever things had been done they are working or not, if not working what is plan B, if that is not working what is plan C. So we help businesses this way.

Most of our customers have in-house team, so we help them creating marketing plans, strategizing for them, ensuring that goals are met & do whatever is required to reach that goal with analytics.


Ok Ok, probably maybe I will ask you to start working on those lines, meanwhile, let me check out what are the possibilities of execution of these changes that you are talking about & prepare a roadmap.

ZYT Expert: Sure.

Hope this session was helpful to you.

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#WhatsUpOnline July 2019 Newsletter By ZYT

#WhatsUpOnline July 2019 Newsletter By ZYT

Welcome to ZoomYourTraffic (ZYT) Monthly WhatsUp Newsletter
What’s There For You?
• Action- Real business cases
• Business- Innovation, new business models, technology implemented
• Creative- Latest events & campaigns
• Disruption- Market & technology changes & challenges
• Educate- Help businesses know online & grow online.

WhatsUp For July 2019
a. Action
Real business case of how LinkedIn can be leading B2B Lead Generation Platform.
Stats mentioned in the video.

b. Business
Check out Smart45 Online Evaluation Program
For businesses who want to evaluate their online business model or want to start small.
Have Questions? Click on the link below to get answers…

c. Creative
Participating In Events/Tradeshows?
Know about Event Engagement Program (Online) – Marketing The Online Way
Get targeted reach, Improved ROI, Segmented Remarketing
For details…

d. Disruption
Did you know about the “Digital Twin” Concept?
Check how Is “Digital Twin” Concept Disrupting The Manufacturing Industry?
• The term Digital Twins was first introduced and clearly defined by Dr. Michael Grieves in 2003 at the University of Michigan.
• In this, twin refers to the virtual representation/image (generally 3-D model) of a product, process or service. It’s a very important concept in the Internet of things (IoT).
To learn more…

e. Educate
Check out video series:
#ZYTQnA As A Small Business, Should I Focus On Sales Or Branding?
#QuickTalkWithAmod Why Is Your Website Traffic Not Converting Into Sales For Your Business?

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3 Reasons Why Your Google Rankings Are Going Down?

3 Reasons Why Your Google Rankings Are Going Down?

In this video, we are going to talk about why is your website not moving up on Google ranking?
This question is also for SEO & online marketers, but it is also relevant for business owners who are running their own SEO campaigns this could be useful for them as well.
1) Thin Content:
Now what I mean by thin content is content which is not powerful enough to hold the viewer. You may do all the SEO techniques and get your visitor on your website through SEO & other programs, but if you are not going to hold your visitor on your website, then basically it’s a lost opportunity. Because the visitor must be getting some basic information & he may just move on.
Remember, customers are not looking at what you are offering, they are looking whether you have solved their problems. Are your websites addressing his problem?
If you do that then customers will retain on your website & make no mistake Google is watching this, their bots-crawlers, collect this information, your browsers are sending this information to Google & other search engines.
Based on that they will evaluate & see how much value you are providing to your visitor & then they will push your website up or keep it as it is. Therefore it really makes sense you have rich content on your website. Content that engages & urges the user to take action in the right direction to make their business goals. You need to ensure to have that rich content on a website that engages audience & builds that trust in his mind, so he can take specific action to connect & do business with you. Once that happens you will see your website moving up in the Google rankings.

2) The Stale Syndrome :
When was the last you updated your website?
In my experience, in most cases, 90% of businesses who make a website, don’t even look at the website for next say 2-3 years. Has your business stayed at the same level that was when your website was built? You have moved on Right? You widen your products/services, went into new areas/markets. Why isn’t updated on your website?
This is a very big mistake & Google is watching this. Google always looking at your website whether it is very up to date, refreshed, fresh/relevant content for today’s time. For e.g. I have a page on website talking about iPhone 4 is this relevant today? No, it’s not, I must have a page that talks about iPhone 10 latest product info. So I need to keep on updating that page, so that it stays relevant with time, because my market, searchers, the audience is moving ahead, whether I do it or not. So I need to be intuned with the market, the audience who is becoming smart, so I need to update my website all times, so that they get the value & Google understands I am keeping in intune with that value that they are requesting from me & then they will push my website up.

3) Google Algorithm Updates
It’s very technical, but it’s very important for all businesses to understand, that Google keeps on updating their algorithm from time to time. Now, this is intuned now the market is changing, how consumer behavior online is changing, how technology is changing. So they keep on changing their algorithm to ensure only the best content is shown up when searchers are made & therefore your website needs to adapt to these changes, needs to conform these guidelines that Google & other search engines are creating out. This could be in terms of having your website responsive, adpats to all mobile devices & keeps a very consistent experience to the user, could be in terms of security where having those specific SSL, https:// So that it creates trust in the mind of the visitor when transacting on your website. So all these technological updates, market behavioral changes are impacting your website’s presence in the eyes of Google & the consumer, first consumer & then Google. Your focus must be consumer first & then Google’s part will be taken care of. Once you start making these changes, Google will automatically observe that & help push your website up.
So those were my 3 reasons why Google may not push your website up & how you can really work on some of these aspects to help Google rank you higher. There are some many other factors that you may want to look at.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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Why Is Your Website Traffic Not Converting Into Sales For Your Business?

Why Is Your Website Traffic Not Converting Into Sales For Your Business?

Hello everyone.
In this video, let’s find 3 Reasons why website traffic not converting into sales and could be the probable reasons?
Let’s get started.

1) Relevancy of Traffic Over Volume Of Traffic
You may be having a lot of traffic coming site. But it may not be relevant for your business. Now by relevancy, I don’t mean that people are not searching for the correct phrase or search term. Let’s take an e.g.: You are a B2B manufacturer of air conditioning systems. So you are only supplying air conditioners to other industries where the requirements are huge. However, your website gets optimized for the term ‘air conditioner’ because probably you build a website around that word. So you start getting traffic, for household customers who want to buy one ton or one and a half ton air conditioners.

Is that your relevant audience?
Is that going to add business value to you?
Are you able to serve those type of customers?
You will see that even though the searches are relevant, it is not going to yield into business value for you. Hence the traffic was generated but did not add any business value to you. Hence RELEVANCY. This is where the relevancy factor is so important.

To be able to address, you need to understand, define your audience in the correct manner upfront when planning for your online and then build your content, build websites, social presence in such a way, that you are targeting only relevant customers.
So the volume of traffic is not the critical part. The relevancy of the traffic and relevancy for your business, not relevancy for the search presence. Please note that now.

2)Relevant Traffic Is There, but It’s Not Engaged
You would be getting good traffic, it may be relevant for that but this as well. It’s not getting engaged. Now continuing with the same example: with the B2B air conditioner manufacturer.

If you get traffic from other B2B companies or industries for the air conditioning requirements, but when they land on your website all they see is some brochure or some technical specifications of the air conditioners or some pricing points. Probably does not generate that kind of trust in them.

Because there are 20 people or competitors like you who are giving them the same information. So what is your USP? Where do you stand out? What are the features? What are the factors that make you stand out from them? Why they should come to you? Why they should deal with you? Why they should really connect with you? Ask questions.

So that’s where we have to build our website’s content in such a way that it’s not just getting that relevant traffic, it engages them in the right way, keeps them connected. Once they look at the website they want to talk to you.They want to connect with you, ask you questions. So you want to create those avenues for them. So that they remain engaged. They want to come back to you again and again. So engaging your relevant customer is your next step in improving your conversions.

3)Enable Customers
The most important aspect now is once the customer is engaged you ENABLE him to make that purchase or enable him to convert. Now how is it possible in the B2B scenario?

Is once he’s engaged and he’s connected you must be able to create a contact with him time and again and could for emailers/WhatsUp campaigns, it could be through actual physical visits, with calls and all this has to be in terms of improving on the previous experience, improving on the previous interaction. So that his questions and answered, his queries are resolved, all his specific issues, technical requirements are handled.
Using that OMNI channel approach, in which you are constantly giving him a consistent and connected experience to your user so that it creates an impression that he is talking to the right business, he is interacting with the right person and that’s when the sale is going to happen. That’s when the business is going to happen.

let’s summarize the cycle:
Traffic Coming On Website= To ensure its relevant traffic and relevant for your business = With Relevant Traffic Want To Engage Them = Relevant Traffic Want To Talk To You =Once Engaged Create An experience, Showcase your skill, knowledge and your experience with them = To enable them to make them buying decision.
This is how you convert traffic into sales Online.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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Evaluating “Reviews”​ vs “Remarks”​ When Buying Online/Instore

“Great Experience” / “Worst experience”

“Will visit again” / “Will never go to this place ever”

“Horrible. Don’t try this” / “Wonderful. Must buy”

Does that ring a bell? Do you see such comments (reviews) being posted by customers when they evaluate an experience at a hotel or a shop or any public place through Google Reviews, Facebook reviews and a whole lot of online review platforms. They do two things:

Rate a business on their performance (a feedback for improvement)

Become a guideline for other prospective customers to evaluate a business (influencing their buying decision)

That’s really neat. As a business, I really need both. A feedback for improving my business performance and then making my buyers, my influencers to help grow my business. Super.

Let’s look at these comments to see how they help me on those two counts.

e.g. “Great Experience” – at first am happy that this customer is very happy at my store/website. Brings a smile to my face.

Reality then sets in – great experience about what? – our customer service, pricing of product, quality of product or just the fact that the customer got what he wanted?

This statement is actually not telling me anything about it. It//s just a generic statement made by the customer in the heat of the moment – either happy or unhappy.

Such comments are REMARKS.

As a business, I would not take credit for so-called “happy” remarks nor would I take dis-credit for the “unhappy” ones because they never told me where the success/problem is?

It only makes me feel good/bad but not improve. As a business, my key goal is the keep repeating success, and prevent/improve failures.

Now, lets take a look at a different set of comments.

“This was a satisfying buying experience. I had plenty of options to choose from and found the right match for the right price. What’s more? The store gave me an added 5% loyalty discount and 3 coupons for future use. Highly recommend this store”

“This was a nightmare. I had to stay in a queue for over 15 min to checkout. At the counter, the cashier was very rude when I didn’t have change to offer. He then wasted another 10 min trying to get change from the other counter. People behind me were extremely unhappy too. Will think again about entering this store”

This is FEEDBACK at its best.

In the first case, the customer has appreciated a lot of things I can keep working on – having a good inventory of choices, right pricing, marketing policies that have recall value, etc. This is great feedback for my business to keep innovating and bettering this success.

In the second case, the customer is most unhappy with my customer service. This tells that long queues at the checkout counter (which is success in itself) need to be managed better (by having more counters or creating cash/credit based windows. My team needs training on handling irate customers diplomatically without losing temper or values and most importantly improve on our cash vending apparatus/model for faster transactions.

These are REVIEWS. And as a business, I value them the most. They teach me where I am doing well, where I am going wrong. They help me improve, they help me grow my business.

As a CUSTOMER, the next time you want to write a review online?

  • Express yourself about the exact areas you liked or disliked. Emotions are fine but do they add value?
  • Avoid emotional outbursts. They mean nothing to most people other than have a giggle about when they see it.
  • Try to be constructive in your criticism or praise. Remember you are an influencer for prospective buyers. Show them the right path.
  • Avoid being vindictive (it was your experience, someone else will have a different story)

Note: Its understood that being online (especially on mobile phones) – time will be scarce and you’d want to write a review as fast as possible. But if you prepare for a minute before writing the review, it will help you gather your thoughts, tone down emotions and word yourself better. After all, in this global marketplace, we are all in give-take relationships. The idea is to help each other improve.

As a BUSINESS, the next time you review your customer comments online?

  1. Sort into REMARKS and REVIEWS (as explained above)
  2. REVIEWS need to be understood carefully. Note down pluses and minuses being highlighted
  3. REMARKS will carry less weight but should not be ignored. Take it as a message from the market to pull up your socks or keep going.
  4. Respond constructively to reviews (especially the negative ones). Don’t refute charges made by customers bluntly, try to explain your case. People who read reviews are smart to understand who’s genuine?
  5. Make sure you and your team practice on the positives/negatives listed to improve business.

As they say, a CUSTOMER’S best feedback is their decision to revisit your business. Listen and Act.

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The Enigma of “Irrelevant Leads”​

Online Marketers and Online Business people will relate to this title closely. Almost all of us have received phone calls, emails or messages requesting information on our service/product that don’t match our offerings, value proposition (pricing included) or business vision. Right?

Try to relate with some of these situations:

a. “Nothing to do with our product, lost 25 min trying to explain our product to him only to find out he was seeking something completely different :(”

b. “Totally generic talk – he would/could not understand that I work on specialty products but kept harping on his general needs. Didn’t help him or me either…Had to cut the conversation short …”

c. “I receive at least 10 email inquiries everyday in my mailbox that has nothing to do with my business offerings. I have to respond to them politely indicating looking for other options but leads to loss of my/my team’s time and energy. I spend more energy writing to such emails rather than to genuine inquiries.”

In our online marketing business at, we have experienced lead enquiries like these in the past –

·       “Develop my website in WordPress with SEO”

·       “Need to generate business from website inside 60 days”

·       “I have an annual budget of 50K. I need to generate business through my website.”

·       “SEO my website for #1 Google Ranking”

·       “Start Social Posting for my online business to build traffic and sales”

At a glance, these enquiries look absolutely relevant and objective driven.

With experience – we mark such requests as either “Irrelevant” or “Level 2 Exploration Needed” (Will explain this later in the article).

The question is what would you give, if we could address requirements and inquiries from prospective customers that:

A.  Matched your product/service offering to the Tee – so that all you needed to explain/present your VALUE PROPOSITION to enable to a buying decision?

B.  Don’t match the exact need but are ready to hear about SOLUTIONS TO UPGRADE/UPSCALE their systems with your offerings

C.  Looking to EXPLORE opportunities for growth through my business without PRICING being the only decision factor

Life would be better right! Then, what stops it? What hampers businesses from receiving irrelevant calls/leads to targeted ones?

Three important aspects:


Most businesses start their online journey to “be seen by everyone”.

Be visible and business will follow – is the simple mantra. Fair enough.

This in itself is starting on the wrong foot.

If you build your visibility for the mass, the mass will come.

What follows is “irrelevance…”

People from all walks have different requirements, perspectives, value ideas and spending power.

e.g. If you are selling “cell phone back covers for feature phones” on your website – who would be your potential buyers?

Vis a vis .. if you are selling “iphone back covers” on your website – who would be your potential buyers?

Conceptually, the product is same, offering is similar and delivery ecosystem is the same. What is the difference?

THE AUDIENCE … the buyer !!

I can’t promote my feature phone website to an iPhone audience and vice versa.

The dynamics change. The thinking changes. The buying changes. The game changes ….

Getting your audience definition right, is therefore the key.

Invest time in profiling the right audience for your online business.

Reach out to the right people if you intend to avoid irrelevant questions, queries and hence leads.

It will save you a ton of time, effort and increase business bottom-line in the long term.


You have a super product (e.g. a cutting edge 3d printer) to sell.

Needless to say – it will have quality, durability and high price point.

All these are values – and yes – this needs to be visible to the customer/potential buyer.

Unless you show this VALUE to the customer – he will not “value” your effort of developing that product.

Why is iPhone an icon? – not because it’s the best smartphone ever but it has presented its value the best amongst its peers.

Why is Lamborghini everyone’s dream? – not because it has the best engine or performance – but because its value has been presented in such a way that every one yearns to own one (LOL … did you check its latest Huracan model priced at $320,000=00? … No wonder it’s called a DREAM car! but you want to own it right? VALUE PROPOSITION for you).

The idea here is to not sell dreams, but give your customers the true picture of what they stand to gain using your product.

Leave scope for their imagination when using your product. Do they feel stylish and uber cool OR feel embarrassed?

Why do some products feel just awesome for customers (e.g. personal items like Ray Ban shades, Nike shoes, Levis denims that makes a person feel special or aspire to have in his/her wardrobe). There are a ton of other labels selling these same items and probably are better on quality, durability and price point but the ASPIRATION value takes over the customer to long for specific brands.

So, create VALUEs (beyond the obvious) that people will want to own your product. Not just that – they will tell others to buy it too. Your customers become your marketing team.

Ultimate BRANDING is all about your VALUE PROPOSITION.

Do it the right way and you are well on your way to hit the right audience and growing sales.


All said and done, “WHY” remains the biggest question when a prospective buyer looks at your business proposition.

You could meet up with the right AUDIENCE, deliver the right VALUE PROPOSITION and the customer may fit both aspects perfectly, but does he/she have the INTENT to buy? Or just research and buy later? Or just surf around?

Establishing user intent is probably the biggest success or failure of business that make it big or implode.

E.g. A user logs onto your website with an intent to just browse about the products and not make any immediate purchase.

How would you establish this intent?

Place two buttons below the product namely “Tell me more” and “Buy Now”

If he clicks “Tell me more” – you have established his intent of browsing through the product information before buying.

On the subsequent page you can have calls to action like – “Connect For More Information” (to establish if he is really interested in knowing the product further? Since he will be sharing his details to do so) or “Buy Now” (to establish he is happy with the information and ready to make a purchase) or He doesn’t click anything and moves away from that page (to establish that either he is not interested to continue further – a look at Google Analytics data of your website will help establish this behavior)

Every action of the user is telling a story of his thought process.

Your goal is to join the dots and establish his intent of visiting your website.

If the dots are correctly joined … you will have indeed completed the customer journey !!!

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Get My Online Marketing Going … Bappa

I was in office working with my team on strategy for various customers for the upcoming festival season.

Just then, my phone rang.

“Hi Amod, How are you doing?”, I immediately realized the voice of Mr. T (we had met in Lonavala 4 weeks ago)

“Doing great Mr. T. How are you doing?” I greeted.

“Doing good but need your help with my online business considering the festival season is round the corner”, he said.

“Sure, since yours is an online B2C business (Home Decor and Improvement) – this is indeed THE season for you.” I confirmed.

“Yes, but with this complex, crowded and competitive marketplace – its becoming difficult to position and market effectively. The last two years, our online campaigns actually lost money.” he wailed.

“I understand your concern. This is a general feeling all around the market and that’s why we need to be smarter with our promotions (applies to your offline marketing too)” I started, “did you check my article 5 Bits to Get Your Business Going Online This Festival Season?

“Not really. Whats it about?” he questioned.

“I suggest you read it and then we can talk again.” I continued, “In the meanwhile, I’d like to review some of your marketing efforts from earlier. Do you some handy stats?”

“Can you send me an email with what you are looking for?” he questioned.

“Mr. T – sorry to say – but this question tells me your online tracking and measurement system is either not in place or unorganized” I raised my concern.

“What do you mean?” he retorted

“You have your sales and accounting stats on your finger tips? You have your inventory numbers at the click of a button? You can talk me through your balance sheet at 2:00 am in the morning when half asleep?”

(Laughter) “Yes, I breathe these … “ he said confidently.

“We’ll need to create the same culture and understanding when it comes to online business marketing. We need to have a system where we get answers to key questions at one place, at any given time. Make sense”, I stated.

“Certainly does. Actually, since I am not very sure how to look up these stats is where I feel uncomfortable or uncertain when marketing online… “ he mentioned his concern.

“Absolutely, this is the case with 80% SMBs. Once we build the right system to track, measure, evaluate and project goals – this would be an effective business system. You can take innovative and intelligent decisions based on the numbers and feel more in control…” I explained.

“So, lets build it.”

“Three areas – where there has to be readiness to build this system” I emphasized

  • Believe that this thing works
  • Know what works/doesn’t work for you
  • Understand the long term game

Believe that this thing works

Online is generally looked upon as “just another channel” or “also rans” activity for most businesses.

This perception needs a change. Business owners need to believe that (if done the right way) online is the way forward for the industry.

If you don’t do it, some else will and disrupt your market big time. E.g. Amazon/Flipkart disrupted retail, Jio disrupted telecom through innovation and power of online.

If you do the same, you can lead your marketplace big time. Dont follow the herd mentality (60% businesses fall to this trap and suffer).

The beauty is that Online is the same for everyone. There is no bias between brands and start-ups here.

Take advantage of online to build your business online.

Know what works/doesn’t work for you

Another aspect that is grossly misunderstood that everything under the online sun is our playground for marketing.

Every business wants to have a website, blogs, social media, apps, forums, listings, etc.

Two problems with this approach:

  1. Positioning your brand incorrectly will lead to junk traffic, leads and sales disappointments
  2. Management of online profiles on a day-to-day basis is no mean task – let alone tracking and evaluating performance.

Question: How do you know your social or online management is problematic?

Hint: Check for the last published article/content piece date on your social media/blog, etc. You will get your answers.

Hence, understand and establish what is working for you online. Take the right path.

Don’t throw your weight everywhere. Throw where it counts. It will save you a fortune.

Understand the long term game

Just like you, we are receiving many requests for online campaigns/promotions for the coming festival season.

However, unless there is a sound footing, the results will be unsatisfactory and overburdening.

Therefore plan for the long term and you will see results.

Belief, Patience and Strategy are keywords here.” I concluded with a bang.

“Can we meet up to discuss this further?

I see value in your thoughts but would definitely need to know a few more things to plan this out for my business” Mr. T inquired.

“Yes of course, Mr. T, lets meetup this weekend at the Snooker Club? A few of our other business friends would be joining us too.” I suggested.

“Great. See you then.” Mr. T was happy

“You have some homework to do – watch the article and my FAQ videos on LinkedIn/YouTube plus get me stats from your campaign. I am going to ask you some questions there”, I made my point.

“Yes, Master ji .. will be ready” Mr. T with a hearty laugh….

“And the Ganesh Festival begins this week – so let’s take his blessings and get started.”

“Ganpati Bappa Moraya ….” both of us jointly chanted to seek the Lord’s blessings

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