Online Promotion Programs For Businesses


For companies, who feel the online presence is necessary but may not be their primary source of business generation.

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What BENEFITS to expect?

  • Consistent Google Search Indexing & Rankings in your business domain/market
  • Maintain Consistent Visibility of your online brand across the web
  • Build Website Traffic to orient with your services/products  
  • Generate Prospects and Relevant Leads through timely communication and improved user connect
  •  RESULT? – grow your business online at Fraction of a Cost (compared to having a sales team member)
  • Stand out from the competition.

What will ZoomYourTraffic do?

  • Analyze your website to create strategy for your business market (audience, service positioning, approach to reach out effectively, identify platforms to promote, design systems for better traffic connect, etc)
  • Run our campaigns month after month to ensure website position on web (rankings, visibility, traffic, social signals keep improving) and business (relevant prospects converting into leads for business)
  • Monthly analytics review to be shared with you for performance of website and various goals set.
  • Quarterly meeting to review website performance
  • Suggest ideas and concepts to expand market scope and new opportunities that online market will throw…

Key Highlights

  • Website re-alignment suggestions and review based on strategy with NO extra costs involved.
  • Track performance of your website yourself. This is important since it will help you LISTEN to your market and develop new services/products.
  • Keep track of competition. Very important to define your USPs and values to project to your customer (Quarterly competitor analysis report)
  • Customers will find your business, rather you looking out for customers…..


For companies ready to get going with their online business.

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What BENEFITS to expect?
a.Business Signals

i. Generation/Tracking of leads from the website with correct attribution (Deliverables – Lead collection report)
ii. Lead management evaluation/audit/review based on website interactions(Deliverables – Lead categorization report –Geography-wise/Product wise)
iii. Insight into user behavior on-site (Deliverables – User Engagement Report)
1. Products being viewed
2. Geographies viewing those products
3. Demographics of visitors
4. The pattern of user behavior on the website.

b.Branding Signals
 i. Google Ranking for keywords with competition analysis (Deliverables – Google Ranking Report
ii. Social Signals (LIKEs/Shares/Reviews/Rating).


Not all businesses market for business. Lucky ones! Brand Image, Reputation, and Market Appeal are more important for established businesses. Rediscover your brand power using our Enterprise Branding solution.

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Online Customer Journey Case Study

Omni-Channel At Work

At the beginning of this year, we announced our Omni-channel digital marketing methodology to educate, engage and enable businesses online. Here we present a real customer journey using this system.

Iteration 1 (Week 1 – Jun 2019)
Customer Registers with our LinkedIn Ad Evaluate Website

Iteration 2 (Week 2 – Jun 2019)
Based on our Phone, Email and WhatsApp communication – customer reviews but drops off (decision postponed)

Iteration 3 (Week 2 – Aug 2019 – 2 months later)
Customer locates our JustDial account and connects via phone again

Iteration 4 (Week 2 – Aug 2019)
Reviews website again

Iteration 5 (Week 3 – Aug 2019)
Keeps engaging with our WhatsApp and Emailer connect programs – asks questions and offerings

Iteration 6 (Week 4 – Aug 2019)
Sets up a personal meetup at our office over phone/WhatsApp

Iteration 7 (Week 4 – Aug 2019)
Visits our office with direction guides using Google Maps/Google My Business.

Iteration 7 (Week 4 – Aug 2019)
Reviews proposition with our team in person

This is our typical omni-channel customer journey model….

Indian market is ripe for online advertising disruption, says Criteo research

Indian market is ripe for online advertising disruption, says Criteo research

Key Insights:

  1. 49.4% of Indian survey participants stopped shopping from a brand that they were loyal to before because of poor customer service
  2. 83.3 % said YouTube helps them most to discover new brands
  3. 60.9% would try a new brand for the first time because it provides a discount that is personalized and relevant, and this also appears to be the best way to gain customer loyalty
  4. 44.4% strongly agree that their purchasing decision is affected by a company’s mission/values
  5. Customer service is still key as it is the main reason for remaining with a brand (62.3%), or for leaving if customer service is poor (49.4%)
  6. Consumers are least loyal to Groceries brands and are most loyal to Jewelry & Luxury Goods

The online shopping market in India holds tremendous potential as it has some of the largest consumer segments across each e-commerce category, and it is focused on innovation, research, and development, making it one of the leading e-commerce markets in the world. Advertising and technological advancements have led to better-personalized experiences as it allows the communication of hyper-personalized messages that resonate with the target customer.

Criteo, the advertising platform for the open Internet, unveiled the survey report titled ‘Why We Buy’.
The survey was conducted across 10 countries, with over 10,000 respondents split almost evenly over all countries. The report in respect of India highlights that 90% of Indian consumers are willing to consider a new brand across all the shopping/product categories, which is the highest compared with consumers from the other countries surveyed.

The report gave us insights into how consumers discover brands, with Omnichannel discovery on YouTube, Facebook and websites as the top channels – but they were far from being the only source. Relevance makes a difference- 66% of Indians like that online ads can help them in discovering new products, while 57% like online ads for reminding them of products they’re interested in, and 51% like that online ads offer discounts for products.

It has been phenomenal to witness the Indian consumer behavior and we are glad to share this on a larger platform for the benefit of the Indian advertising industry which has evolved from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. It has been phenomenal to witness the advancements of technological innovation in advertising over the years. The shift of ad spending from traditional to digital media is happening at a rapid pace. The advertising and marketing sector in India is expected to enjoy a good run. Growth is expected in a retail advertisement, on the back of factors such as several players entering the food and beverages segment, e-commerce gaining more popularity in the country, and domestic companies testing out the waters”, Siddharth Dabhade, MD, Criteo India, said.

Source: Criteo

5 Aspects To Integrate SEO Into Website Content Strategy

5 Aspects To Integrate SEO Into Website Content Strategy

SEO is about planning your website’s messaging with the audience and search engines together. Creating a communication strategy for your online business is by far the most critical part of your online marketing efforts. SEO is a small part of this.
With SEO Content you want to:

  1. Address the audience you are talking to (what they are searching, finding or exploring) as opposed to what you have to offer
  2. Address the search engines telling them you have solid, relevant and useful content for visitors to look at. (This is the big change since a few years – keyword stuffing, keyword frequency, word limits, etc are all passe now) Content that is appreciated by viewers is automatically appreciated by the search engines (it is not the other way round as widely believed)
  3. Interact and Engage your reader/viewer. Write (as if you are talking) to your viewer naturally. The higher the engagement, the better your SEO.
  4. Get your viewers to share your content with others too. These are powerful signals for search engines to know your content is not just helpful for people viewing them but they are referring them to others too.
  5. generate relevant viewership rather than a crowd.

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B2B Festive Marketing Ideas to Engage, Connect With Customers to Your Business

The festival season in India has just begun and India is all about culture and emotions.

So how can you make use of these two aspects to really drive our branding, connect and engagement with customers as a B2B business in this festive season?

1) Branding:

Launch a new product or service with innovation in this season. Link it with the cultural aspects of the various festivals. These tend to get higher eyeballs I mean if you see these social acts many bigger brands launched during this time are very socially connected culturally connected. This really helps in creating more eyeballs in terms of the social appeal that a product can make with your customers and then the outlook for such kind of brands becomes even more powerful. Then you follow them up with your backup campaigns making them more technical and making them more solution oriented. So hit your customers hit to the audience with new launches or innovations of your business during this period to drive more eyeballs and hence build better branding.

2) Connect:

This entire season is not really for sales pitching or heavy promotion. Instead you can really look to connect with your customers to connect with an audience, create polls, generate reviews get customer feedback get their insights into how your products are. This kind of approach will make them connect with you more because you are not throwing offers because they could receive a ton of them from others. So you stand out by actually reversing that approach and reaching out to them to take feedbacks, take insights into your offerings and how better you can make them. This will make them feel more connected and really build that kind of an engagement and relationship with your business.

3) Have you studied the previous season’s data and seen the trends?

Well how about co-relating this and sharing with your audience sharing with their customers telling them what’s happened over the last 3-4 years and what’s projected for the next four or five years. Will that be interesting to your customers? And I bet it will. Therefore keeping in touch with the markets that you are trying to address and educating to audience, engaging your audience with industry, market data, and social data will always help to connect better with your audience and customers. This will drive more engagement and branding for your online business. So once you create this branding connect engagement with your customers. You can then follow up your communications to really drive meaningful discussions and project decisions with your customers in the coming months.

So use this festival season as a stepping stone to begin your communication, begin your brand building, and begin your engagement programs with your customers. And then gradually build them towards business decisions in the later months. This is how I would suggest B2B businesses to really promote their businesses starting this festival season in India.

I hope this blog was helpful to you.

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#WhatsUpOnline August 2019 Newsletter By ZYT

Welcome to ZoomYourTraffic (ZYT) Monthly WhatsUp Newsletter

What’s There For You?
• Action- Real business cases
• Business- Latest events & campaigns
• Creative- Innovation, Creative, technology implemented
• Disruption- Beware of Using Copyrighted Images/Videos on Your Business Website!
• Educate- Help businesses know online & grow online.

WhatsUp For August 2019
a. Action
Real business case of how WhatsApp can be leading for B2B Lead Engagement.
Also, know, how is our program empowering subscribers?
Stats mentioned in the video.

b. Business
Participating In Events/Tradeshows?
Know about Event Engagement Program (Online) – Marketing The Online Way Get targeted
reach, Improved ROI, Segmented Remarketing.
For details

c. Creative
Animated Videos – Our New Experiment With Great Results!!
Have a look:

d. Disruption
In recent time every business wants to make their presence on Social Media. Then if you are using Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote your business, then you must know about the social media etiquette rules that your business should follow.
There are 5 basic copyright rules are:
• Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use
• Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It
• Don’t Fight the DMCA, Understand It and Abide by It
• Beware of Creative Commons
• Get Federal Copyright Registration for Your Creative Work
To learn more:

e. Educate
Check out video series:
#LiveTalkSession Already Have Agency Working On Website SEO But Not Getting Right
Watch the video:

#Smart45: Worried About Not Getting Leads For Your Online Business?
Watch the video:


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QuickTalkWithAmod Demystifying SEO Myths Of SMB Owners When Talking To Digital Marketing Agencies

Over the years talking to clients on their SEO projects and it’s been really fascinating to see typical & similar questions coming up in most sales calls.

Question1: I have started my website a year ago, but this competitor of mine is doing roaring business online or this brand company just in the same market wow they have got such a amazing online presence and I want to reach there. How can I do that?

Answer: I think I would really want to appreciate the client’s vision to be able to reach that brand or the competitor.

However, we also need to really understand the kind of effort that has gone into making it a brand or on taking the competitor to that level where they are roaring business.

It’s been a very carefully drafted marketing plans that have implemented not for 1 2 5 but 6 10 years that has got them to this place. In some cases, brands may fast track it by pumping into paid advertising funds & get their brand up very fast.

If that’s your vision, it can be planned that way as well. If you really want to grow organically with lesser resources. Then there is absolutely no second route than to really plan your campaigns well & keep building it organically to the level that you can establish yourself as a brand in the market. And make no mistake it is possible it just needs courage as well and the vision to early-stage yourself to become the online brand.

Question 2: Amod, I have worked with 1, 2 or 3 SEO agencies in the past and I have absolutely zero output & that’s why I’m very skeptical even talking to you.

Answer: This has happened because of the issues from both sides

a) Customer side since the vision not clear & unaware of how to plan it correctly.

b) At the agency’s side, they were not sure of how they would want to grow or not clear on the strategy not doing enough homework on the business to be promoted. And therefore they just offer standard packages X Y and Z. No, it’s no work. As a customer, if you are looking for such kind of packages no matter how many numbers of agencies you work with it will not work. We will have to find agencies that would understand your business, your vision is and then create a joint marketing plan to stage your growth.

Make no mistake you will have to put in the investments needed and therefore you can start small and scale according to your vision. This would be the right way to go about it. Rather than losing time, effort, cost working with agencies packaged deals and it’s your business that’s going to suffer because losing time, the money, etc. Money can be acquired again, but a time that’s lost in a dynamic marketplace like this can be a big loss. Hence the suggestion would be trying to find agencies who really understand your business and able to stage-wise take you to the next level.

Question3: Amod, I am able to understand your line of thought and really agree with approaches staging it to reach the next level. But, because I’ve got a bad experience & not really sure how this is going to go. Can I pay you at a later stage?

Answer: Well if this question has arisen, I think my approach or the way I’ve explained to you had actually not reached you. Because if you are convinced that the approach that was planned for you by understanding your business by staging it to the next level, this question wouldn’t have arisen. You have to be very clear that OK this is the way to go, this is the kind of investments needed to move to the next level and then you can plan it that way.

So commitments in terms of investments are equally important when you are starting out. Of course you can definitely work out modalities in such a way to ensure that the cash flows are not disturbed you can break down the payments in parts perfectly fine so as long as it suits both teams it’s perfectly fine. This is exactly where both teams need to work together. So they can tell each other constraints and work out a model wherein the money moves between the two teams based on how things progress perfectly fine.

But by saying that you would like to pay later it’s like you do not trust your agency.

And if you do not trust your agency results will not come no matter how great that agency is. Therefore show your trust in the agency you pick, make the investments, make a deal in such a way that it is comfortable for both. Slight risk at both ends. Start stage sees how things work and then you can really go on and on and track.

I hope I was able to help demystify some of the myths that exist in SMBs owner’s minds about SEO agencies and I’m sure there be many more.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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Social Media Marketing Copyright Rules for Businesses

In recent time every business wants to make their presence on Social Media. Then if you are using Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote your business, then you must know about the social media etiquette rules that your business should follow.

If you are trying to break the rules, then your marketing results will plummet.

But no need to worry because there are some copyright rules and regulations for social media that your business needs to follow if you want to stay away from expensive legal trouble?

With that in mind, here we explain some basic copyright rules to follow when you promote your business online and engage with people through social media marketing. There are 5 basic copyright rules are:

  • Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use
  • Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It
  • Don’t Fight the DMCA, Understand It and Abide by It
  • Beware of Creative Commons
  • Get Federal Copyright Registration for Your Creative Work

These are the five basic social media copyright rules that you have to follow and avoid copyright infringement. So now we discuss in details about this copyright rules:

1. Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use:

Fair use could be a sticky, cloudy, messy, confusing, insert similar adjectives of your alternative, slope. Fair use was created to allow limited use of a copyrighted work for reasonable purposes without having to actually get the owner’s permission to use it. Fair use doesn’t mean free use.

Ask yourself these four questions before you deem your use of someone else’s creativity:

  • What is the purpose and character of the use of the work?
  • What is the nature of the copyrighted work?
  • What part of the work was used compared to the whole?
  • What is the effect of the use of the work on the potential value or market of the original copyrighted work?

2. Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It:

Owner and author (or creator) both are different things, and the difference between owner and the author can mean the difference between your getting into big and expensive trouble or not…read more

Disclaimer: This post is written by another author and source. Our purpose is to solely help our audience gain knowledge. We do not intend to use this copy for any commercial purpose. We have give due credit to the creator and directing viewers to the rightful owner of this content from this page.

3 Deadly Myths Of Lead Generation Using Online Marketing And How To Prevent Them?

As a SMB all of us are trying to generate leads for our business using online marketing these days. Right?

However there are lot of myths associated in the minds of SMB owners on how the leads are generated using online.

So in this video I’m going to talk about 3 such myths that exist in the minds of SMB owners.

Myth1: Once I Build My website the leads will automatically become.

I think it’s a very good thought to have in mind, that once you build a good website leads will automatically start coming. It’s not the case. Just having a website is not going to help. You will have to nurture it just like your regular business. Do keep adding content and keep optimizing it for search, also build your social media presence, blogs content.Unless this happens your leads are not going to come organic way.
Therefore just having a website will not have nurturing that Web site is going to get you those leads.

Myth2: Paid Marketing Equals Leads.

And this again is a very good thought and we really feel that once you put money in Google Adwords and Facebook marketing that the leads are going to come. Does it happen really? I’m sure it doesn’t. Because in most cases you will see the kind of leads that you get from these campaigns are either irrelevant in some cases even junk and why is that?

The reason for that is the campaigns have not been designed keeping your business keeping your target customer in mind. You need to create the copies you need to create ads in such a way that can really establish & identify who is going to see it.

And whether the person is going to connect with you is your prospects customer.

So all this analysis is very critical before starting your paid campaigns because mind you paid campaigns are extremely expensive as you will be very well aware of and therefore unless you plan you will burn money. And therefore paid marketing just by starting paid marketing will not give you leads.

Myth3: Every Connect That Happens Should Be Of A Qualified Lead And A Sale.

And this again is a big myth. Every connect that is happening through your online website may not convert into a lead may not become paying customer immediately. That lead also needs to be nurtured. And in many ways in most cases it would be through talk or one on one meeting or some kind of representation.

In other cases it could be through re-marketing retargeting reconnecting by various means Emailers, whatsapp campaigns. Using these mediums you will have to nurture those connects into leads for future.

It cannot be that someone is connecting you and it becomes your lead and a paying customer within the next five days. It’s not going to happen and you may have definitely observed that right?

Therefore, be very careful in defining your online campaigns in such a way that

  • You get your relevant leads
  • You nurture them well
  • You are really able to one on one connect with them before they become your paying customers.
  • So if we go through this cycle we will be able to see great leads and great paying customers for your business using online marketing.

I hope, I was able to help you demystify some of these myths.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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How Can Audience Profiling Help Reduce Marketing Costs And Improve Online ROI?

Who is your online audience?

In most cases cusotmers say well, this is online right, so anybody can come & see my website.

Well, in this video we are going to see why audience is so crucial for defining online ROI for your business?

There are 3 ways How You Can Define Your Online Audience?
Let’s get start

1) Know Thy Business:

Treat your audience as if you are sitting right in front of customer across the table.

So if you customer is sitting across, before he makes buying decision.
Those questions need to be answered to yourself & then you’re content to be positioned in that manner. Because you would want to talk to your potential customers right?

You won’t want to talk to everyone at the street about your product. You would want to talk to customers who are going to give you time who are interested in buying from you.

Know your business, what are the questions, what are the problems. Do not optimize you online content for search engines, optimize for your customers problems & solutions that you provide to them.
Because, make no mistake your customers are looking at solutions on the web not searching for random website.

2) Purpose Of Your Audience:

Now this will vary from business to business. But you need to clearly understand, identify & established what the purpose of that audience is when he comes to your website or online presence.

  • Is he coming for information?
  • Is he coming to take some action? Or
  • Is he coming to make some transaction? May buying from your store.

That purpose will be very clearly identified, established & presented to your customer.

Because many cases I have seen retail websites, giving away too much information without the main transactional calls. On the other hand I see lot of B2B websites giving a lot of transactional CTAs without providing right information. This is going to take your customer away. As I said customers are going to come to your website for solutions to their problems.

Therefore you need to be able to position yourself, your content, messaging in such a way you & they are very clear when they come online as to what they want & what has been delivered to them.

3) Audience Demography:

This is also an important aspect, but highly overlooked. Because you may have the relevant, engaging content, but if you are not hitting the right demography they you may be losing big opportunities.

Example: Is your business geared towards interacting with CEOs or you are trying to educate mid management through your online presence or you are trying to provide information to base level executives? Is that clear? Is it clear on your website? Do you know who is going to watch that content? Have your positioned your content? If you have very basic information given out & CEOs coming out watching out your content are they going to be impressed at all? No. Or you really give out high end stuff & your audience is the base level executives looking to find information so that he can create reports to present it to his boss, even he is going to get stuck. Because the way they will interpret, deceive for the language is going to be extremely different right?

So you really need to know who is going to read that content & how they are going to interpret it towards taking business actions & business decisions. So understanding of that demography becomes so crucial.
So those were 3 ways of establishing your online audience, there are so many other factors well but I have tried to cover top 3 according to me.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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