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Auto Industry Disruption And Digital Marketing

There are structural changes and disruption that the auto industry is going through not only in India, but globally and eventually this will impact the turns marketing will take, and also enter some new lanes marketing has not ventured into earlier. There are three tectonic forces hitting the auto industry simultaneously, and even one of […]

Indian market is ripe for online advertising disruption, says Criteo research

The online shopping market in India holds tremendous potential as it has some of the largest consumer segments across each e-commerce category, and it is focused on innovation, research, and development, making it one of the leading e-commerce markets in the world. Advertising and technological advancements have led to better-personalized experiences as it allows the communication of hyper-personalized messages that resonate with the target customer.

How WhatsApp Engagement Campaigns Are Helpful For B2B Customers?

Now this is so powerful as a business to understand ,who is reading your messages, who is ignoring them, what times they’re reading those messages this become such an important data as a business to know and categorize the customers on what kind of content has been read when it’s been read, who is reading it. And then you can realign or re-categorize your content to send out specific content to specific groups at specific times so that you can really develop an engagement and again improve on your decision making Get your customers so engage they want to talk to you.

How can I increase my website SEO rank on Google?

Here are the top 5 suggestions:
1. Define your SEO objectives?
2. Based on the objective
3. Build engaging content on your website around those keywords.
4. Make sure you have Google Console and Google Analytics
5. Keep enhancing your content, refine keywords